• Schematic Design - We work with the client to recognize potential patterns and relationships, manipulate spaces to their best form and communicate them graphically to the client. 

  • Design Development - Further spacial design with physical sizes of spaces.The relationship of the project with nature and site characteristics. The project is located on the building site with elevation views showing the Architectural style.

  • Construction Documents - Development of plans for Building Dept. permit, bidding and construction. We work with the Building Dept. to resolve any Building or Zoning issues. 

  • Bidding or Negotiations - We assist with the bidding process with the bid opening for the construction cost of the project with the General Contractors and the owner at our office. If needed we will revise plans accordingly to come in within the budget.

  • Construction Administration - If requested, we will assist with the supervision of the construction on the project and work with the General Contractor and owner to determine monthly payment draw requests. Perform final "punch out" list of items to be finished by the Contractor before the owner takes possession of the project.

  • Site and Master Planning - On large commercial projects, we work with the City or County government and Civil Engineers to develop a Site Development Plan. For commercial City of Naples projects we develop the required  presentation for the City of Naples Design Review Board.

  • Coastal Construction Permitting - Preparation of the permit application, drawings and documentation  to the Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems in Tallahassee, Florida.

  • Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection - Home inspection of hurricane related issues on existing homes. Preparation of the Mitigation Verification Inspection Form for the homeowners insurance company for possible rate reduction.